CASL Soccer

Saturday, February 21, 2015

2/22 update

We have missed the players this week and we are looking to forward to seeing everyone on Sunday. Please note the following:

All NCCL games this weekend are canceled except for the four games scheduled on turf at WRAL on Sunday afternoon.

However, for all players whose games were canceled there will be a training session offered from 12:30-2:00pm at WRAL on Durham Bulls for both north and south players. Please check the weather hotline before leaving for the fields to ensure training is ON. Forecast is for rain so please also ensure they have a rain jacket and are appropriately dressed.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow,

The CAYA Staff

Thursday, February 12, 2015

CAYA - Saturday, Feb 14th

This Saturday will see the CAYA Cup event that was rained out at the end of the fall come to fruition. A lot of hard work and effort has gone into planning this event in the hope of making it an enjoyable afternoon for all involved.

Click HERE to view CAYA Cup Rosters and schedule for Saturday.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the forecast for cold temperatures early tomorrow morning the GIRLS CAYA CUP (ONLY) has been pushed back to a 10am start. ALL of the girls games will now commence at 10am and will be concluded by 11:45am. Each team will play 3 consecutive games with 10 minute break between. Upon the conclusion of the event there will be a closing ceremony and we should be all wrapped up by 12:15pm. We apologize for any inconvenience but want to ensure the best possible environment for these young ladies to enjoy the occasion. Thank you for you support and understanding!

We will have an information table set up to help point folks in the right direction, which will have a field map, schedule, rosters and other info. The goals will be numbered and fields 1-4 will be on PowerAde (turf closest the road) and fields 5-8 will be on Daly Sevens (middle turf field).
Parking will be tricky in those first two lots and therefore I would advise everyone to be careful, especially when crossing the road with your children. I would also recommend that you follow the road all the way around close to the exit and look to park in the lots there, due to there being greater space. You can then just stroll across the grass fields to get to the two turf fields (Powerade and Daly Sevens).

Player Attire: All players are to wear normal training attire (White shirt, black shorts and black socks). We understand it may be chilly, particularly in the morning for the girls and therefore pants and jackets are recommended. Coaches will provide pinnies for the away team to wear.

·         5v5 (4v4 plus Goalkeepers)
·         25 minute games. No halftime
·         30 minute time slots with kickoffs on the horn
·         Keeper cannot punt
·         Pass-in instead of throw ins
·         All free kicks are indirect
·         No corners - goalkeepers ball (from hands or feet)
·         No offside rule
·         Penalties taken from 8yds
 ·         Substitutions on the fly (every 5 mins)

Older CASL Players Help:
We are extremely lucky to be able to call on a number of our older players to help out with the CAYA Cup this weekend. They will interact with the players, provide guidance, rotate players in and generally help with making the event even better for our young players.

The event will see players from different regions and different teams playing together. Please encourage your son or daughter to get to know everyone on their team and make a few new friends. We will have a small award for each CASL player of the game. This will be given to a player selected for best representing the CASL values of character, attitude, success and love of the game. Although the players will be competing and getting after it on Saturday we want the adults (coaches and parents) to take a back seat and allows the kids to experience both success and failure this weekend on their OWN. The 5v5 format has been chosen to allow the kids lots of opportunities to get on the ball and express themselves.

Coaches will referee the games and ensure that subs are rotating often and that everyone gets a chance in goal. Please help us ensuring that the event is FUN for all by sitting back, relaxing and enjoying watching your child do something they really enjoy, PLAYING SOCCER!!!

All games and training at WRAL Soccer Center have been canceled Sunday due to the forecast for extremely cold weather.

Monday, Feb 16th – Regular Spring Training Begins
Weather permitting, we will now begin training twice a week (Monday’s and Thursday’s) from next week until Thursday, May 7th.

Communication – as we near closer to the season getting underway next weekend (2/21-22). We are almost all set in terms of having ALL team managers in place to help with small group communication throughout the season. However, we have been utilizing the CASL system over the winter to send out mass communication. Unfortunately, this can only is sent to the email address that was used to register your child. If you have not received any emails via the CASL system (you should have received one today) or you would like to receive the communication to multiple addresses please click HERE to add the necessary information.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

The CAYA Staff